A bonsai is a normal plant, whose development has not been hindered, but controlled, in order to obtain certain results; it is a fundamentally healthy plant, hence the importance of using good fertilizers.

In Laos Garden you can find all the nutrients your bonsai needs. 

Fertilisers are essential for trees, especially when they are grown in pots and inert substrates such as akadama, kiryu, pomice, volcanic...

Plants need above all nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, basic essential elements that we call macronutrients, but there are other requirements for bonsai growth, such as secondary nutrients and micronutrients.

Nowadays, there is a wide range of latest generation fertilizers on the market and in Laos Garden we have selected the best ones for bonsai, both Japanese and European. 

The brands that you can find in our shop are: Hanagokoro, Biogold, Green king, Kiroyoku, Tamahi, Lombrico, Nutritech, A-micsur, Seiki, Maria green, Bachumus and others.

Which fertiliser should I use for my bonsai? You have to think about how and where you are going to grow, apart from the time of the year we are in, when buying a good fertilizer that suits your preferences.

You can choose organic, solid, slow-release fertilisers or artificial liquid fertilisers, or even a combination of both, as many complement each other.

You should be aware that Japanese solid fertilisers, such as Hanagokoro or Tamahi, are unfermented, which is necessary for the nutrients to be released, so you need to keep the ball constantly moist when you use them, and you can help yourself to baskets and sphagnum moss. This is not necessary with Biogold fertiliser (also Japanese) which is already processed, so it is one of the few organic fertilisers that does not give off a bad smell.

If you have your bonsai very close to windows or on very small terraces, it is better to use liquid fertilisers, which are assimilated more quickly, are cleaner and the smell goes away very quickly. These are diluted in the irrigation water and you have to add the exact dosage indicated by the manufacturer.