In this section you can find a wide range of scissors to prune and pinch your bonsai, it is the basic tool that every bonsai enthusiast must have. If you do not know which of them is the one that you have to acquire, here we give you a series of indications.

The short or long but narrow scissors, that we call "of pinching" serve to cut tender buds and thin branches; it is convenient to have them always well sharpened to make clean cuts and to speed up mechanical tasks like the total defoliation of a tree, for this it is advisable that they are manageable and not very heavy so that your hand does not get tired. We recommend using them only for delicate jobs.

Another model of pruning shears is the pruning shears, its size and edge is usually a little larger than the pinching shears, it is not as manageable, but it allows you to prune a little thicker branches where it is not necessary to do it with the concave pruner; a variant of the pruning shears is the root shears, very similar, but with larger rings to allow you to grip it with more strength. 

Apart from their function, you can classify the shears by their quality and origin: in Laos Garden you have from the cheapest to the most prestigious Japanese brands such as Kaneshin and Masakuni. 

The vast majority of these scissors are made of carbon steel, an extremely resistant material that guarantees a long service life. By means of special treatments or coatings of the steel, a special range of tools has also been achieved, as is the case of the stainless steel ones, their price is higher, but they will not rust if they are left outdoors due to carelessness and they will last longer sharpened.