In this category we are going to present you some species of deciduous trees, that like the maples, are equally appreciated in the bonsai world. As for example the ginkgos, all the fans of this art want to have one in their collection, authentic living fossils with more than 160 million years old. They can be easily distinguished by the characteristics of their fan-shaped leaves, which take on an intense yellow color in autumn.

Another species widely marketed in bonsai for its qualities are hornbeams, both European and imported from Asia, with simple deciduous leaves and incredibly beautiful gray bark of various shades. The autumn color of the well-known Korean hornbeams has nothing to envy to that of the maples. 

And we can't forget the beech. In Laos Garden we bring you the native of Japan (fagus crenata), which is distinguished by the ash gray color of its bark and by the narrower and more elongated shape of its leaves if you compare it with the European (fagus sylvatica), of which there are also magnificent specimens of bonsai and forests in slabs and slates that remind us of corners of the most beautiful beech forests of Spain, where the richness of colors delights our eyes in autumn.