Around 1960 a new word began to be heard all over the world: bonsai. At that time few enthusiasts were familiar with it and these plants were called dwarf plants. Nowadays the following definition is often given: Bonsai is a living tree in a pot or on a rock. It does not only represent the natural beauty of the plant in question, but its appearance is reminiscent of something else, be it a forest, a landscape or a majestic solitary tree.

Bonsai is the end result of different disciplines: botany, art, philosophy and technique (such as pruning and wiring). There are an infinite number of species that can be worked as bonsai, so if you introduce this hobby into your life, you can be learning something new about them every day.

Do you want to buy a bonsai? In Laos Garden we offer you a great variety of species, both autochthonous, olive trees, pines, holm oaks, cork oaks... and recently arrived from Japan, among which you can find azalea, hornbeam, cryptomeria, acer palmatum, etc. bonsais. 

All bonsais require specific care that must be adapted to your growing conditions. We should not act impatiently when choosing a plant, the time invested in the selection will be more than paid back when it comes to training. In Laos Garden we will be happy to help you choose the bonsai that best suits your terrace or garden, just ask us. 

You can see the bonsais in our physical shop in Las Matas - Las Rozas de Madrid or in Each bonsai specimen that you see on the web, is the same one that we will send you, it will arrive perfectly packed and ready for you to start using your bonsai tools.