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Laos Garden is a family business dedicated to the world of bonsai and its accessories. We have been travelling to Japan for 20 years to bring you exclusive bonsai specimens, as well as everything you need to take care of them, pots (old, new and signature), tools, substrates (akadama, kiryu...), fertilisers, wires, etc.

Our company has been one of the pioneers in the import of bonsais in Spain. Each tree imported from Japan is carefully selected by us and undergoes rigorous phytosanitary inspections before it arrives at your home. We also work with European producers, so that we can offer you, of course, many of our highly appreciated autochthonous species.

We also take special care in the selection of pots, especially in the antique and signature pots, most of them with the recognised stamp of their ceramist. We are lucky to have Oscar in our team, a person who has spent 18 years studying the signatures and stamps of Japanese potters and one of the best experts on this subject in Europe, as most of you know, passionate about transmitting the beauty that underlines each pot, regardless of authors and stamps. In Laos Garden you can find one of the largest catalogues of bonsai pots in the market, with an infinity of colours, shapes, authors and styles, you will surely find the most suitable one for each of your trees.
We have a section brought directly from the Asian continent with antique articles, such as bronze figures or kakemonos (vertical painting or calligraphy), which can accompany your bonsai in exhibitions and which will stand out in the interior of a tokonoma.

Our shop - garden is located in Las Matas, a neighbourhood belonging to Las Rozas, very close to the Renfe train station and 24 km from the centre of Madrid (exit of the A6 road to La Coruña).

If you would like to visit us, any of us will be pleased to help you. If you have any doubts about which tree to buy, which pot is suitable for your bonsai or which tools you need to start, do not hesitate to contact us.