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All the prices are valid, except for any typographical error.


1.- Peninsular Shipping

Once the payment has been verified, Laos Garden will ship the order (usually on the same day, depending on the time of day at which payment is received, and pending orders; or on the next work day) through a shipping company.

Usually (according to weight and destination), customer can choose from two options:

A.- GLS-ASM. Normal delivery time to the península is 24-72 h from the shipping date.

B.- DHL Express. delivery time is 24h (from the shipping date).

Sometimes (due to festive season overload, problems in certain routes etc...), all external to Laos Garden, shipping can be delayed. All shipping done through the shipping company is insured.

2.- Shipping to Baleares

If customer choose DHL Express, delivery time is 24-48h (from the shipping date).

Shipment by GLS-ASM has, as a general rule, a greater delivery time, compared with Peninsular shipping.

Laos Garden reserves the right not to ship certain products due to fragility, excessive volume, etc.

3.- Shipping of high weight/volumen products

Orders where their volumen/weight is not allowed through the normal shipping method, are done through another specialized shipping company (R.Logistics). This usually implies a greater delivery time.

4.- Shipping to Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla

Shipments to Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla will only be sent through Correos (via "Carta certificada" or "Paquete azul", depending on the weight).

Orders to Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla will be processed without VAT (with the exception of delivery costs and fees), according to the current legislation

Shipments to Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla will have a fee due to extra handling costs, packaging, transport and staff, depending on cost and/or weight/volume of the shipment.

5.- International shipments

Our webpage automatically processes shipments to most European destinations. Orders are sent through courier company. Depending on weight and/or destination, customer can choose GLS (3-5 days, approx.) or DHL Express (24-48 h approx.).

If weight or volume are over courier companies'  limits, shipment will be done through a company which specializes in European road shipping.

Delivery times vary depending on the country.

6.- Shipments out of weight range.

Shipments out of weight range will be handled manually, and as quickly as possible, by the staff at Laos Garden. Order confirmation (necessary for processing) does not imply final acceptance by the client.

7.- Shipments for non-enabled countries

Shipments for non-enabled countries (in our system), will be processed manually by the staff at Laos Garden.In the least amount of time possible.

It is normally not allowed to send trees outside the UE. If the client requests it, he will have to send all the information about customs and phitosanitary requirements in his country. Laos Garden will not be responsable in this aspecto, and will reserve the right to reject orders because of this.

8.- Returns - breaks

Return period is of 14 workdays from the order date, except in perishable products (live plants).

Shipping costs of the return will only be payable by Laos Garden if the product has defects, o if another product, different from the one ordered, has been sent.

The client will have to contact Laos Garden to decide on the terms or the return.

In case of damages (ceramic, trees...) customer must contact with Laos Garden within the first 24h, and provide pictures of damages, packing and box with shipping labels. On that way Laos Garden will fill a claim to shipping company in due time.


For online sales, Laos Garden accepts the following payment methods:

1.- Credit card payment: will be processed at the end of the order, by the Redsys system, ensuring the highest security guarantees for the client, as it is one of the main payment systems in Spain. Redsys will be in charge of accepting or denying payments.

2.- Bank transfer: Laos Garden will provide the client with their bank account details at Caixabank, once the total amount of the order has been confirmed. The client must add the order id to the bank transfer’s concept, to avoid possible errors.

3.- Paypal (3,5 % fee): will be processed at the end of the order, by Paypal ensuring the highest security guarantees for the client, as it is one of the world’s most important payment systems. Paypal will be in charge of accepting or denying payments. The client does not have to have a Paypal account to use this system. Laos Garden will charge an extra 3,5 % fee (to the order total+ shipping costs) due to extra charges applied by this payment system.