Ikebana is an ancient art that uses flowers and plant elements. It stems from the deep-rooted respect Japanese culture has for nature, so it is more than just a floral arrangement.

Ikebana is a seasonal art form, rarely mixing plant elements from different times of the year.

Everyone can enjoy the practice of ikebana, regardless of their level, as it is an art form in which feelings about the beauty of flowers influence the arrangements that are created, although this does not mean that certain techniques should not be learned before creating pleasing compositions.

The basic equipment that is needed and can be found at Laos Garden is:

The kenzan or spiked flower stand, this is usually quite heavy to support the weight of the different plant materials.

Tools, such as, scissors, wire, saws, etc.

Containers, flat trays for the hana and moribana styles and tall vases for the nageire style.