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For the transformation of a common plant into a bonsai, the first thing we need is a series of tools to make the task easier. 

Nowadays there are an infinite number of brands and qualities. We work with both the professional and the amateur range. In our shop you can find prestigious Japanese brands such as Masakuni and Kaneshin.

Most tools are made of carbon steel, a very strong and durable material, but you can also find them made of stainless steel, which gives them good appearance and resistance to corrosive attack by many acids; this material can be made in complicated shapes for many uses, such as bonsai tools. 

The essential tools you need to get started are: wires of different sizes (to hold and position the trunk and branches), a wire cutter, a concave pruning shear (so that the wounds it produces can heal faster and without leaving marks) and a pair of sharp scissors. Really large branches should be cut with a double-bladed saw and then polished with a gouge.

For tightening the wires and for making dead wood such as jin and shari, you will also need a pair of pliers. Other useful accessories that you can find in this section are sieves for sieving the substrate, brushes, bamboo sticks...

A very useful accessory is a lathe, which allows you to easily view the plant from different points of view. Here you will find them in different sizes and shapes so that you can work with all styles of bonsai.