If you are just starting out in this hobby, you might be interested in the small seedlings of perfect bonsai varieties that we have selected for you. 

Choosing a plant for the creation of a bonsai seems easy, but you have to take into account that before modifying its structure, it is necessary to decide if the chosen plant shows the necessary characteristics to be able to be transformed into a bonsai.

You must know in depth the characteristics of each species, if its leaves or needles can be reduced with time, the size of the fruit, the disposition of the branches, etc. You can learn all this without having to make a great economic outlay if you start working and cultivating our young prebonsais. 

Among the numerous legends that explain the origin of bonsais, there is the one that relates their appearance to small plants that herbalists had in pots, as they preferred to cultivate them rather than go in search of them (Chinese medicine was based on plant medicine). These young plants, which were constantly pruned, ended up looking so elegant that they were considered for ornamental purposes.

We must not forget that in Japan, the meaning of bonsai is to recreate a natural scene in a pot, using plants as raw material.