The soil we use in bonsai is different from the one used in gardening, undoubtedly our trees can live in any of the substrates that are commercialised nowadays, however, the drainage and aeration requirements that a bonsai requires are easily satisfied with another type of soil such as akadama, a neutral and inert substrate that drains very well and retains humidity without puddling; This soil is suitable for practically everything, but it must be accompanied by another (to a lesser extent) that does not degrade quickly and increases the durability of our substrate, such as kiryu (somewhat more acidic), pomice or volcanic gravel.

These types of substrates, although they do not contain organic matter, absorb very well the nutrients that we provide artificially to our bonsais and as they are granulated they dry very quickly, which obliges us to water more often and this makes the water more oxygenated, in this way the bonsais fatten faster and we avoid the rotting of roots.

Another advantage of these soils for bonsai, is that they are less compacted and they come off more easily than those used in gardening, making transplanting and the formation of good nebaris easier.

In Laos Garden you can find these substrates individually, in bags of different quantities, granulometries and prices or already mixed with others, if you have doubts ask us which is the best mix for each of your bonsai.