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If you are passionate about the art of bonsai and love books, you can't miss in your library any issue of Kokufu Ten, the most prestigious bonsai fair still held today after almost 90 years of history. It is held every year at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, and features the best bonsai specimens in the world. It was only interrupted during the Second World War and today it is still a pilgrimage event for bonsai enthusiasts from all over the world.

If you are lucky enough to have one of its early publications (even with black and white photographs), you can learn a lot about how the world of bonsai has evolved over the years, from 1933, when it was first held, to the present day. 

In each edition of this exhibition, a book is made with all the photographs of the trees exhibited that year and many of them, either new or second hand, can be acquired in Laos Garden, as well as many other publications such as magazines and books of the most prestigious bonsai artists in the world.